I'm Ian Latchmansingh, Principal Design Technologist for AWS.

Contextual Augmented Reality Interfaces for the Internet of Things

In the year 2019, 833 million smart home devices were shipped worldwide - an increase of nearly 27% over the previous year. These products range from conventional appliances like lights, refrigerators, and televisions to more niche items like breadmakers and connected cradles.

With the ever-increasing sprawl of the IoT landscape, it seemed only logical that we begin to visualize and manipulate these devices in a singular, contextual, spatial interface. I worked with Ramin Firoozye to craft a UI prototype for what his ARIoT concept would look like in practice. The results of which were  revealed at AWS Reinvent 2019.

Components of the design system:

  • Device Branding
  • Device Iconography
  • Device Name
  • Controllable Parameter Information

The initial concept of a connected home was also extended to agriculture technology.