I'm Ian Latchmansingh, Design Technologist for AWS R&D.


Contextual Augmented Reality Interfaces for the Internet of Things • Consumer Care Care Subscription Services • Virtual Remote Auditing for GxP Compliance • Interactive Journalism • IoT Provisioning and Monitoring for Casino Gaming • VUI Design for Clinical Trials and Medication Adherence • Industrial Cobot Orchestration for Automated Material Replenishment • Broadcast Monitoring using Machine Learning and Computer Vision • Distributed Consumables Procurement for Container Shipping • Connected Devices for C-Store Cleanliness Monitoring and Task Management • Virtual Doping Detection for Physical E-Sports • Predictive Fleet Vehicle Maintenance for SMBs • Agricultural Cost Center Business Intelligence for IoT-equipped Farms • Realtime Inventory Forecasting for Just-in-Time Manufacturing • Supply Chain Weakness Dashboards for Agricultural Logistics • Intelligent Damage Detection for Rental Vehicles • Procedural Terrain Generation for Robotics Simluation and Machine Learning • Municipal Infrastructure Prediction and Planning Tools • Hybrid UIs for Realtime Customer Service Analytics • Disaster Risk Monitoring Search Interfaces for Restoration Contractors • VUIs for Drive Thru Restaurants


My résumé is best seen on LinkedIn

Otherwise, you can reach me at ianlatchmansingh [at] gmail.com

I am a Senior Design Technologist for AWS R&D in NYC. Previously a UX Director.

I design and build human-centric prototypes that employ Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Internet of Things as well as Augmented & Virtual Reality.

Brands I’ve worked with include: NASA/JPL, Wendy's, The NBA, Boeing, The Ad Council, Discovery Channel, Disney, Comcast, and John Deere - to name a few.

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